About Us

The English Carriage Clock Company in Bridport, Dorset handmakes the only carriage clocks made in England!

The English Carriage Clock Company was set up in 2011 by the late Richard Batten, a jeweller and horologist.  Richard acquired the original tooling, press tools, gear cutting engines and components from his old friend, Roger Field who made the famous Henley Carriage Clock from 1976-1997.  When Roger retired the production of the Henley Carriage Clock ceased which sadly meant there was no longer a carriage clock handcrafted in England.  Richard had long been an admirer of the carriage clock and, rather than see its production disappear completely in England, he decided to set up the English Carriage Clock Company and to start making the traditional English carriage clock again.

In 2011, Richard started making these fine handcrafted time pieces again in Bridport.  In 2012, he was extremely proud to be commissioned to make  Henley Carriage clocks to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

When Richard sadly died in May 2016 the business was taken over by his wife, Kata Seprenyi-Batten.

In 2020, Kata decided to look at trademarking the carriage clocks she was producing, to discover that the Henley brand was already registered by another company.   To avoid any confusion in the market she decided to rebrand the clocks.  After much research and deliberation she decided to name her handcrafted English carriage clock the BROUGHAM.

The BROUGHAM Carriage Clock

The name BROUGHAM* derives from the Brougham Horse-drawn Carriage,  a reminder of the clocks original purpose as clocks which could be carried in a horse and carriage.

The Brougham Carriage was smaller, lighter and better engineered than other formal coaches, and quickly became the most popular and fashionable carriage of its time.  A perfect partner for our carriage clock!

*The Brougham carriage, pronounced “broom” or “brohm”, rhyming with “foam” was designed by Lord Brougham and first produced in the late 1930s.